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Cooking a hamburger is a very personal process.  Whether your burger is cooked on the grill, on the stove top, or underneath the broiler, there are some general guidelines everyone can rely on.

The thicker your burger, the longer its middle will take to reach the desired temperature.  Try flattening out the burger before cooking and using the high heat to cook it quickly.  If a well done burger is your goal, lower the heat after searing the first side and let second side come up to temperature more slowly.

These suggestions are easy to adapt to any cooking method, but there is one pointer specifically for the grill and broiler.  Please do not put a burger directly over high heat with the lid of the grill closed and please do not put a burger directly underneath the oven’s heat source at the top of the oven.  A fresh burger made from well marbled beef will leak some of its fat onto open flames and can cause flare ups, with the lid closed there is a greater chance of your burger quickly burning.


for a medium rare burger:

grill, pan sear, or broil on high heat

cook on first side for four minutes or until desired grill marks/browning is achieved

flip and cook on second side for two to three minutes

the recommended minimum internal temperature is 140 F(rare)