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  • Proper Sausages Featured on Amazon Fresh


    Starting today, we are a featured vendor on Amazon.com/AmazonFresh.

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  • Get Your Turkey!


    Ok, so its still hot and rainy here in Miami, but that doesn’t mean we can’t turn our attention to the upcoming holidays.

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  • Labor Day 2016


    3 Proper Sausages, 3 Wynwood Porter Sausages, 6 Butcher’s Cut Burgers, 6 portuguese muffins, and a large Dub Bacon Potato Salad.

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  • Have Meat. Will Travel.


    If you can’t get to the shop, let us bring the shop to you.

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  • A Few Reasons To Love Wynwood Brewing… Besides Beer


    It’s not a secret how much we love the guys at Wynwood Brewery. And this isn’t the first or even the last time they become our beer feature. They always make time to come to our shop to share with our customers and they treat our customers like family. These guys are the big, cuddly […]

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  • #EatProper at #WaffleWednesday in Wynwood May 18th

    #WaffleWednesdayay 640

    We are so excited to join Live Ninja’s #WaffleWednesday morning gathering for an epic joining of waffles and sausages. Like most amazing things #WaffleWednesdays started innocently enough when while on a trip to Target, the Live Ninja team found a waffle maker for $10 and  started making waffles every week for everyone in the office. […]

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  • Hooray for The Patty Melt!!!


    The patty melt made its first appearance in the early 1940’s and was immediately beloved by Americans.  News of the patty melt’s fame spread quickly across the globe and soon America was celebrating National Patty Melt Day as the rest of the world marked World Patty Melt Week® on calendars with anticipation.  Only once before […]

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  • PICKLED! Come Try Our Pickles April 15th


    We want you to get to know our delicacies. It’s exciting because we’ve been expanding and getting serious about what flavors we want to highlight in our pickled veggies. Next Friday is an opportunity to come and see what we’ve been working on in our kitchen and experience what a Proper pickle should be.

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  • MIA Brewing: Our Beer Feature Right Now


    MIA Brewing is pretty new on the Miami beer scene. Their cans have been available in our cooler for purchase as soon as they were released a couple of months ago. You may have noticed them, they are the colorful, fluorescent, 90’s reminiscent cans. Below are a few reasons why we can’t get enough of […]

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  • MIA Brewing Beer & Sausage Tasting April 9th Noon-3PM


    Join us Saturday April 9th and welcome our special guests MIA Brewing! MIA is our beer feature right now and we think you’ll love the different varieties. And yes, this is one of those made in Miami moments you want to make happen. So a shout out to all our local beer and sausage fans, […]

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