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    Proper Sausages - Miami's Only Artisan Sausage Maker & Butcher Shop

    Without a doubt the easiest way to cook a Proper Sausage is in the broiler.  No need to preheat, just put your links on an oven safe tray or pan and then use the middle rack of the oven no higher.  Set your oven to high broil and flip them after six minutes.  The sausages […]

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  • Bacon

    The Proper Bacon

    Our bacon gets fully cooked when we smoke it so there’s no reason to blast it with heat.  Slow down, let it brown, the result is a crispy, juicy, decadent bacon that’s worth waiting for. Crisping bacon on a stove top is simple.  Put the bacon into a cold pan and set the heat between […]

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  • Hamburgers


    Cooking a hamburger is a very personal process.  Whether your burger is cooked on the grill, on the stove top, or underneath the broiler, there are some general guidelines everyone can rely on. The thicker your burger, the longer its middle will take to reach the desired temperature.  Try flattening out the burger before cooking […]

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