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Flensburger Brauerei Our Featured Beer Right Now

You’ve probably seen the bottles with the little flip top ceramic bottle caps. “Flens” as the locals call it, has become an institution, a part of the cultural identity for North Germans. Here at Proper Sausages we are inspired by those¬†who don’t compromise taste and quality. We also like to share these little finds with our friends and customers who appreciate that kind of thing.

So here are a few reasons this brewery (or brauerei) is one of our favorites:

The taste is amazing
You can find four different brews at our shop right now, and you can discover them at our next free tasting on the 26th, check out the flyer below or click here. Come see for yourself (and bring a friend!).

They keep it real
They’ve been operating for 128 years in Germany and are one of the only beer companies that isn’t part of a larger brewery. After all this time they are still held by the original founding families, descendants of the five citizens of Flensburg who began it in 1888.

They keep it small and artisanal
This brewery still taps into an underground well that streams melting ice age water from Scandinavia right to their facility. What?!?!?!

Pairs perfectly with Proper!
If you haven’t already, pair Flensburger Dunkel with The¬†Proper Sausage – just let it happen..

Oh yeah! Remember to #eatproper because #localsrule