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Great Divide Brewing Company Beer & Sausage Tasting

On Wednesday, October 22nd, at 7:15pm, we will be hosting a Beer & Sausage Tasting featuring the beers of Great Divide Brewing Company.  Expect five beers and  a whole lot of sausage.  Also expect to have fun.  Spaces are limited, $20/person, please reserve your spot today by calling, emailing,  or dropping by the shop.


here’s a little something to whet your appetite…GREAT DIVIDE BEERS


and a little bit of their history…

During the late 80s, Brian Dunn spent 5 years overseas building farms in developing countries.  Having grown up in a family that appreciated good food and drink, Dunn expanded his knowledge and passion for beer during his travels.  Dunn eventually returned to Colorado, started homebrewing and went to graduate school.  Upon graduation in 1993, when Denver’s craft beer scene barely existed, he set out to found what would eventually become one of America’s most decorated and celebrated craft breweries.

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