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Proper Sausages Fine Meats and Delicacies

Labor Day 2016

Summer never really ends here in Miami, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love to celebrate Labor Day Weekend. ┬áThis year, to help get the party started, we put together a package that will be sure to help you and yours do it right.

3 Proper Sausages, 3 Wynwood Porter Sausages, 6 Butcher’s Cut Burgers, 6 portuguese muffins, and a large Dub Bacon Potato Salad.

We figure this will feed at least 6 people, and if you need more, we can make more.

The price for this package will be $60, and we are taking reservations until Friday at noon, for Friday or Saturday Pickups.

Packages can be reserved over the phone at 786.334.5734


We hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend,