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Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Let the Summer Begin!

Of course, for those of us down here in South Florida, it has been quite “summery” for several weeks now, but what ever the temperature is in your home town, Memorial Day is a great time to gather with family and friends, with meats and grills, and with burgers and beers to celebrate and honor the sacrifice and commitment required to make this country what it is today.

Here at the shop we’ve got some special selections that are sure to elevate your celebrations and help make this weekend a success.

The Whiskey Cherry Venison Sausage — Cherry wood smoked New Zealand venison, Berkshire pork belly, American whiskey soaked cherries, ancho chili.  ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE TO SHIP

The Bizzurger — Florida Wagyu Chuck Roll, Bison chuck, The Proper Bacon, porcini.

BBQ Rubbed Florida Wagyu Beef Back Ribs

Herbed Orzo Salad — Baby sweet peppers, fresh chives, fresh parsley, fresh cilantro.

Pickled Ramps

Please feel free to contact us ahead of time to reserve your favorites no matter if they are some of these specials or any of the wonderful products we offer on a daily basis.  To see our completed and update list of everything available in the shop please click here.  And for those of you farther away, the online stone can be accessed by clicking here.

Thanks for your support and we hope everyone has a wonderful start to their summer.