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MIA Brewing: Our Beer Feature Right Now

MIA Brewing is pretty new on the Miami beer scene. Their cans have been available in our cooler for purchase as soon as they were released a couple of months ago. You may have noticed them, they are the colorful, fluorescent, 90’s reminiscent cans. Below are a few reasons why we can’t get enough of MIA.

They are young and fun
MIA really gets the Miami thing. They make a delicious selection of beers but still stay fun and approachable. You can come and meet them at our next tasting on April 9th. MIA is gaining a huge local following in this town because they make Miami beer for Miami’s people (Miami Inspired Ales, get it?).

They have passion!
MIA’s reality came from a passion for brewing Eddie Leon developed when he was making beer as a hobby almost 10 years ago.  MIA loves to fiddle with unique, flavors and will even incorporate fermenting their beer in wine barrels to get that desired twist. Just for fun, they make small, one of a kind batches and share them in their tap room (that’s another post, so stay tuned)

They are growing and growing and growing!
It’s only natural that a great product needs to become available to everyone. And we think everyone needs to try MIA Brewing Co. Some of the favorite brews are now available for distribution, and yes, we are currently stocking all them here at Proper Sausages. These guys are so young on the scene but already demands are forcing them to triple their production this year. Amazing.

Pairs perfectly with Proper!

If you haven’t already, pair Tourist Trappe with The Proper Sausage – mmmmm Miaminess..

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