Without a doubt the easiest way to cook a Proper Sausage is in the broiler.  No need to preheat, just put your links on an oven safe tray or pan and then use the middle rack of the oven no higher.  Set your oven to high broil and flip them after six minutes.  The sausages will be done after twelve to thirteen minutes.


Hand made sausages will leak fat so if the grill is your preferred cooking method, be sure to use indirect heat, and avoid flare ups and burnt sausage.  To keep the sausages away from direct heat, turn off a burner or keep your coals to one side of the grill, place the sausages over this “cold” part of the grill, then close the lid and cook at 450 F to 500 F for fifteen to twenty  minutes or until the sausages are firm and golden brown.  For those who like a bit of char, finish your sausage for one minute over direct heat.  Be sure to never close the lid of a grill while the sausages are over direct heat, nothing good will come of this.


Cooking Proper Sausages in a pan is simple yet requires a slight degree more attention.  Put the sausages into a cold pan with a splash of cold water and cook on low heat for twelve to fourteen minutes or until the sausages are firm and browned.  Be careful not to get the heat toO high as direct high heat will cause the casing to split.  Keep turning the sausage, and be patient.


broil high on middle oven rack 12min(6min/side)

grill on low-med indirect heat for 15-20min

pan sear with splash of water on low-med heat
for 12-14min

pork is well done at 160 F