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Missing your Artisan Sausage? Head on over to Proper Sausages

Missing your Artisan Sausage? Head on over to Proper Sausages


She was a London native in South Florida who dearly missed her sausages. He was an American chef with an abiding passion for quality products, Michael Pollan and real food. Together, they found love and, along the way, founded Proper Sausages.

Hollywood might say the couple “met cute” across the bar one evening in South Beach: Freddy, a native New Yorker who had studied at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, worked at The Tides and staged at Michy’s, where he works today; and Danielle, the UK transplant on the job at the Raleigh. Sparks flew, they quickly became an item, and the couple got married in 2010. Today, the Kaufmanns are a team selling artisan sausages at Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood.

It was the “terrible selection of sausages in the United States” that started their business partnership, says Danielle. “No quality, no taste. We had a good sausage once at Balans, but that was it.” She was longing for “proper” sausages from home, also known as bangers; simple, tasty pork products flavored with sage and mace, given texture with crumbs, and eaten with HP sauce.


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