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Proper Sausages on Urban Daddy

Proper Sausages is about more than just Sausage.

Proper Sausages is about more than just Sausage.

Today, we’re killing two birds with one stone.

Relax. The birds are metaphorical.

And the stone, well, it’s a pork sausage.

Grab some tongs and greet Proper Sausages, a new butcher shop ready to supply your grill with choice slabs of ribeye, Wagyu and, yes, a few links of liquor-infused sausage, now open in Miami Shores.

You might’ve already run into these guys at a few of the farmers’ markets around town. They’re the ones with those ridiculous habanero-stuffed hot links. Well, now they’re also the ones who’ve gone ahead and opened up a gleaming white-tiled shop where they can permanently hock their wares. Like bone-in chops. Or spiked sausages.