The Proper Suppliers

At Proper Sausages we look to work with family owned ranches that raise livestock in traditional methods, natural diets, that are free of antibiotics and hormones. We believe that by choosing these types of suppliers as our business partners, we are helping support a nationwide movement towards a healthier and more sustainable way of eating.

Jackman Ranch

jackamnAll of Jackman’s cattle are all natural, 100% hormone free, free of antibiotics, and fed completely all-vegetarian diets. Careful breeding, rations that match what these Wagyu cattle need on a daily basis, as well as state of the art packing and fabricating methods, ensure that Jackman beef is the best that this country has to offer. Jackman Meat is aged a minimum of 21 days to assure the utmost in tenderness and are then USDA inspected.



Lake Meadow Farms

lake meadowLake Meadow Naturals is the only USDA certified cage-free egg producer in Florida. Its true, in the state’s entire 65,755 square miles, there is but one.

Dale Volkert started the farm seven years ago with just 100 chickens. As interest from local restaurants and the surrounding community grew, so did the number of chickens. Today, they have 3,000 (each of which lays one egg each day). In addition to their and hormone and antibiotic-free chickens (and the eggs that they produce), they also raise cows, goats, and rabbits, ducks, geese, turkeys, and guinea fowl.


Berkwood Farms

pig2Berkwood Farms consists of a network of small family farmers who take pride in company ownership. They follow a firm set of protocols that are practical, humane, and very sustainable.
The producers are very conscientious of how the pigs are raised and do so with the utmost care. Many are using production methods that have been passed down through many family generations.

  • No antibiotics or hormones are used to promote unnatural growth
  • Raised with room to move – No confined spaces
  • Fed a wholesome, all vegetarian, grain based diet
  • Grown in a manner to minimize stress

Pigs take on the flavor of what they eat, so Berkwood farmers feed their pigs an acorn and grain based vegetarian diet. This diet enhances the flavor and health of the pork allowing them to provide Proper Sausages with the best pork round.