Welcome to the all new propersausages.com.

Welcome to the all new propersausages.com.


Good morning friends,

The case is full of sausage, some new ones in fact.  There are more cuts of Florida Wagyu, Berkshire Pork, and pasture raised lamb, than ever before.  The burger is made with bacon, the potato salad is made with bacon, and the bacon is definitely made with bacon.  In short, our shop is bursting with excitement, but today, there is more than just food to share.

We have been promising the launch of our new website for sometime now, so it is with great pleasure that we invite you to explore the redesigned propersausages.com.  The coming months will see the beginning of e-commerce and with it the shipping of our products to the destination(s) of your choice, and the new website will facilitate this.  In the meantime, the new propersausages.com features expanded resources for information about products, events, cooking methods, and recipes.

Demand for Proper Sausages has continued to grow, and for this, we thank you, our loyal customers.  The encouragement we receive on a daily basis is overwhelming and we take great pride in striving to offer new and exciting products for your enjoyment.  Thank you once again for the continued support, we hope you enjoy the new website, now back to the sausage.

Introducing The Apple Bourbon Sausage made with Berkshire pork, dried apples, fresh sage, and Kentucky Bourbon.  We also have a Florida Wagyu beef sausage in the case today, The All-American Sausage made with cherry wood smoked Florida Wagyu beef, cumin, cayenne, mustard, and paprika.  These two newcomers are in the case next to eight other varieties of sausage.

Today’s burger is The Proper Bacon Burger, plus we have steaks, chops, ribs, racks, chickens, and all three varieties of bacon.  The Pate de Campagne is made with Berkshire pork liver, dried cherries, and cognac and there is plenty of The Dub Bacon Potato Salad.  Ramps, okra, green beans, shallots, and cucumbers have all been pickled and three type of mustard are on the shelves.  This weekend we are offering chicken and duck eggs from the Redlands, and, as always, we have fresh sourdoughs from Zak the Baker.

Like we said, the shop is bursting.

Let us know if we can put anything aside for you.


Freddy & Danielle