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A Few Reasons To Love Wynwood Brewing… Besides Beer

It’s not a secret how much we love the guys at Wynwood Brewery. And this isn’t the first or even the last time they become our beer feature. They always make time to come to our shop to share with our customers and they treat our customers like family. These guys are the big, cuddly bearded brother everyone wishes they had and we’ve been so fortunate to work and grow with them over the years. Wynwood Brewing is the first craft brewery in Miami and has dynamically changed the brewing landscape in South Florida.

Here are a few things you may not know about them that make them amazing (besides their award winning beer):

They Love This City:
When they ran out of beer for the Miami crowd, they stopped selling to other cities. Wynwood Brewing is currently offering two different beers for shops and restaurants (La Rubia & Wynwood Porter). When they released their bottled beers for the public, things went better than expected and are now usually sold out with a waiting list a few weeks long. And even though their brewery is a nice size, they can only produce so much to meet demands. Eventually the choice was made to pull their product out of surrounding cities and cater to their loyal Miami customers until they can meet the demands. Oh, and yes, and we have the connection, whenever there’s a fresh batch made, it’s in our cooler!

The Quality:
These guys want full quality control from start to finish. That’s why instead of outsourcing their product to bigger producers, they are creating a giant brewing facility (tba) to meet the public demand. Even if it means moving slower, their quality stems from their passion for perfection. Keeping everything in house makes Wynwood Brewing very special, most local brewers in Miami will outsource their bottling production. Every bottle you drink from has been washed, labeled and filled right inside their warehouse in Wynwood.

They Give Back:
What do they do with the used wheat yielded from the beer making process? Well, a farmer comes by weekly to pick up giant drums for the cattle on his farm. It’s expensive to feed livestock if you’re an independent farmer. This is the kind of stuff that lights us up inside; being able to use every part of our raw materials with the least amount of unused waste. And they don’t do it for our applause, they do it because it’s the right thing and because they are good people.

They Have A Tap Room.
That’s it, go. . It’s amazing. Go visit it.  565 NW 24th St in Wynwood.

We are also having a tasting alongside our sausages.