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Super Bowl 2016

So you’re having a Super Bowl party…


This year we have put together three distinct packages to help make your gathering an epic celebration of football and food.


The Carolina

3 lbs. dry rubbed Berkshire pork picnic shoulder

6 The Fried Chicken Turkey Burgers

6 Portuguese Muffins

Cole Slaw

LG Dub Bacon Potato Salad

The Denver

2 racks bbq rubbed  Colorado lamb spareribs

8 The New Mexico Sausages

LG The Dub Bacon Potato Salad

The Big Game

6 The Proper Bacon Burgers

6 The Proper Sausages

6 The Wynwood Porter Sausages

6 Portuguese Muffins



Each package feeds 4-6 people and costs $65.

We will be accepting orders until 5pm on Thursday, February 4th.

Please call us at 786.334.5734 to reserve yours today.