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Proper Sausages Fine Meats and Delicacies

Supporting The Preservation Of Traditional Breeds (Press Release)

May 2, 2016
Miami, FL

Proper Sausages of Miami Shores, FL is getting ready for National Heritage Breeds Week May 15th­21st by advocating for the conservancy of livestock breeds in danger of becoming extinct.
The team at Proper is encouraging purveyors and consumers to use #HeritageBreedsWeek on all social media beginning on May 15th and ending on May 21st to show support for all the small farmers keeping heritage breeds going for future generations.

According to the Heritage Breeds Conservancy 2015, every monthone domesticated livestock breed around the world is lost to extinction.

Over the last five years the team at Proper Sausages has been focusing on supplying consumers with the best possible heritage meats available. Heritage breeds cannot be found at your local grocery store anymore, you need to go out and look for it. The problem is that most people are not aware that there is better quality meat available, therefore they settle for substandard quality. We’ve forgotten how good meat is supposed to taste. “We are here to show the local Miami consumer that they have a choice, and it tastes better and is nutritionally better for you” said Freddy Kaufmann, co­founder of Proper Sausages.

Freddy goes on to say that “we source our meats from the best farms available who are raising heritage livestock because if we’re going to do this, we are going to do it sustainably and to the highest possible ethical standard”.

According to the Heritage Breeds Conservancy, over the last 100 years livestock animals have gone through the largest consolidation in human history. Animals are being raised for volume, and traits that are important such as longevity, ability to mate naturally and resistance to disease and parasites are being bred out.

International Heritage Breeds Week is a creation of the National Livestock Conservancy and aims to raise awareness about endangered heritage breeds of livestock and poultry. Many of our traditional livestock breeds have been replaced with “improved” breeds in modern animal agriculture, at the expense of a massive loss in genetic diversity.