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Weekend Update 12.13.14 – Holiday Hours

Good morning friends,

It has been a wonderfully busy last few weeks, hardly time to breathe, and in some cases type.  As many of you know we have begun to ship our sausages around the country and the early feedback is glowing.  Fresh sausages leaving our shop between 5pm and 6pm are arriving at their destinations by 10:30am the next morning in places as far away as Los Angeles.  Upon arrival, our customers have reported solid gel packs and cold sausages, check and check.  Locally, the rate for 4 pounds of sausage has been around $13.o0 for overnight ground shipping, for the rest of the country the shipping cost does vary.

Once again, thanks for helping us continue to grow our business, we can’t express our gratitude enough.

As for the shop goes, today we have 11 varieties of sausage, two different burgers, three types of bacon, and chops, steaks, racks, ribs, poultry, and the list goes on…

For a complete and updated look at what’s in the shop today please click here.

That’s it for now, holiday hours are below.

Thanks for your continued support.

Freddy & Danielle


Holiday Hours 2014

Wednesday, December 24th — 10:00am until 5:00pm

Thursday, December 25th — CLOSED

Friday, December 26th — CLOSED

Saturday, December 27th — CLOSED

Sunday, December 28th — CLOSED

Monday, December 29th — CLOSED

Tuesday, December 30th — 10:00am until 7:00

Wednesday, Decemebr 31st — 10:00 until 7:00pm

Thursday, January 1st — CLOSED

Friday, January 2nd — 10:00 until 7:00pm