Weekend Update 6.28.14

Good morning friends,

The bell has been ringing, ringing, and ringing, so there’s not much time to spend on today’s update.

We have ten different sausages in the case today: The Proper, The Dub, The Fig & Blue Cheese, The Romagna, The Proper Chorizo, The Prune & Cognac, The Thai Red Curry, The All-American, The Lamb & Date, and The Apple Bourbon.

Today’s burger is The Florida Wagyu Burger made with skirt, chuck, shoulder, brisket, and some cherry wood smoked shoulder.

We of course have all three types bacon and of course The Dub Bacon Potato Salad.  Pork chops, beautifully marbled Florida Wagyu rib-eyes and skirt steaks, and Rhode Island Red Chicken from Lake Meadow Farms are in the case as well.

Pickles, mustards, and pretzels are in fully supply and there’s even some Zak the Baker sourdough still on the shelf.

That’s it for now, now back to it…