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Proper Sausages Fine Meats and Delicacies

Weekend Update 7.19.14

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.  Despite the rising temperatures and the ever more violent thunderstorms people have continued to come to the shop in great numbers and for that we thank you.

Today we are offering ten varieties of sausage including The Orange & Fennel, The Mustard, and The Apple Bourbon.

Today’s burger is The Proper Bacon Burger made with Florida Wagyu beef from Jackman Ranch in Clewiston, FL and The Proper Bacon.

Elsewhere in the case sit Australian lamb chops, Berkshire pork rib chops, Florida Wagyu ribeye and skirt steaks, Australian Wagyu tri-tip, and Lake Meadow Farms Rhode Island Red chickens from Ocoee, FL.

In addition to the meats, burgers, and sausages we have The Pate de Campagne, The Dub Bacon Potato Salad, Zak the Baker Sourdough, three different types of mustard, three different types of bacon, and both chicken and duck eggs.

If there’s anything we’ve neglected to mention and/or to see the continually updated entire shop inventory, please check out the Fresh Today page of our website.

Our next beer and wine tasting dates will be announced this week so keep an eye on our facebook page, our twitter feed, our instagram account, or our Events Calendar page on the website.

That’s all for now, please have a wonderful weekend.