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Proper Sausages Fine Meats and Delicacies

Weekend Update 8.9.14

Quick update today friends.

Nine sausages in the case including The Al Pastor.  For the full updated list please click here.

The shop is full with craft beers, boutique wines, chops, steaks, ribs, poultry, chicken and duck eggs from all over Florida, mustard, pickles, and of course bacon.

Today’s burger is The Florida Wagyu Burger and today’s lunch special is The Dub Chunks Sandwich with iceberg slaw.

Thanks to everyone who came to our Beer & Sausasge Tasting, stay tuned for more upcoming tasting events.

As we get busier and busier, some of your favorite varieties can be sold out sooner than later, by all mean give us a chance to save yours ahead of time or call the night before if you have the need for large quantities.

We truly appreciate the loyalty and support, thank you.